A Lo.Co Kid's Perspective Series - Costa Rica Trip, No Phones! Vol. 3

Photo: Ethan during the spring trip to Costa Rica 🇨🇷 - #costarica @tampa_03

It wasn’t until two AM when i was walking down a beach looking for dino-turtles in Costa Rica that I realized the value of my experiences.

Yes, I got to go zip-lining and river-rafting through rainforests, and yes, I got to stay at remarkable resorts, but thoes weren’t my favorite parts. My favorite parts came from the small things; I got a chance to strengthen my relationships with my closest friends while making friends with those I’ve never talked to. I’m so thankful that they took our phones; it felt so great to be in an environment with all of your friends and no distractions. More importantly though, I was indulged in a completely new culture; I got the chance to not only see but participate in the lives of these families. Thanks to this trip I have a completely new perspective on how I live my life each and every day, I have made life long memories that will never fade; this was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

~ Ethan Tampa, eighth grader / annual organized Spanish group trip to Costa Rica

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