What is Life On. Cell Off™?


Our movement is simply to encourage you and others to go Lo.Co (Life On. Cell Off™) for a short while each day, hopefully to make your life and the lives of those around you more meaningful through conversation and acts of kindness.


We are a family, who grew up with traditional values that include direct conversations, eye contact, embracing each other and talking about the things that bring us together. We are accustomed to dealing with our family and friends in a manner that has always touched our emotions and brought us back to our roots.    

We strongly believe that these values have a direct impact on how happily we live our lives. We hope the tools and ideas behind the Lo.Co movement will have this same impact on you and your family.  

We have created some fun products that we know you will enjoy. Have fun, share the meaning of our movement and remember that it's okay to go Lo.Co for just a little while each day!

We welcome your feedback. Please click here to leave your comments, suggestions, and questions. 

~ Lo.Co Family

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.
— Albert Einstein

Every order that you place with Lo.Co helps support the visually impaired community - Our Partners.

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