A Lo.Co Kid's Perspective Series - Costa Rica Trip, No Phones! Vol. 2

Photo: Meredith during the spring trip to Costa Rica 🇨🇷 - #costarica #puravida

A trip to Costa Rica was the ultimate opportunity for all of us to step outside our comfort zones. I believe that not having our cell phones was exactly what we needed to prevent us from withdrawing into the world we are more familiar with and missing out on a full experience of all the small, unforgettable details that make up the best memories. The scenery in Costa Rica is truly one of a kind and I think that by unplugging for a bit, I saw all the beauty a little more vividly. I also appreciated that, because I didn’t have access to my phone, I was free from the pressure of having to be available for friends and family on social media so I could be totally absorbed in the activities—like the scavenger hunt around La Fortuna, which was my favorite, or listening to Don Guillermo’s stories about American juvenile delinquents coming to Costa Rica to cleanse themselves in nature—whether they be planned or unplanned. My 10 days in Costa Rica also brought me closer to so many of my classmates and having no phone opened up so many opportunities for me to bond with my peers in a way that cannot be achieved via technology. One of my favorite memories was sharing riddles, jokes, and making up names for the turtles we found (one of my favorites being Maria Sanchez Gonzalez) while walking on the beach at the Turtle Station. Overall, I am incredibly thankful that we were parted from our phones for those ten days; I built more connection than any cell phone connection could have.

~ Meredith, eighth grader / annual organized Spanish group trip to Costa Rica

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