Spring Fling

That was one tough winter and we are just starting to break free from the cold and enjoy the start of Spring! We truly Go Lo.Co for this time of year, as it is the chance to start fresh in so many aspects of life. We get an extra hour of daylight, the pretty flowers start to bloom and we can finally enjoy some outdoor activities with the family. 

These are some ways we get into the Spring of things, while taking a short break from our devices:

  • Clean out your closet/drawers: Nothing says Spring cleaning like a nice purge of your winter clothes to replace with less sweaters and coats. Pick a day over the weekend when you have an hour or two to go through the mess and get organized for the warmer seasons soon to come. Something about having an organized closet, with clothes that are fit for the season, that just puts our minds right. Who knows, maybe we all have a little Marie Kondo in us? 

  • Plant some Spring flowers: We all know April showers bring May flowers, so get to planting now so you can really enjoy the bloom the rain brings. Home Depot and local grocers are already starting to feature bright-colored flowers, so it’s a perfect time to add something big or small to your yard. We love participating in this activity as a family, as it teaches independence and responsibility, all while distracting the kids from their devices – cause’ who can click away when your hands are covered in dirt? Here are some Spring flower favorites, to help you get inspired: https://www.bhg.com/gardening/flowers/perennials/early-blooming-flowers/

  • Spend Time Outside: The months of being holed-up inside with a blanket and a good movie have passed. It’s time to shed some layers and get to exploring the neighborhood again. Search for the new local hotspot for your weekly family dinner, take a furry friend on a walk around the block or participate in an outdoor community activity. Something about sunshine and fresh air really gets the mind right, for us and our pets! 

  • Make a Seasonal Meal: There are some great things that come along with warmer months, like seasonal treats and spring’s first veggies! We all have our winter favorites that get us through the holiday season, but nothing says fresh quite like Spring. So get the family together to shop for some of Springs finest greens and find a meal to put everyone in the mood. Cooking is one of our favorite device-free family activities, as it uses all of our senses and ends with a feeling of accomplishment. Here is a fun list that shares Spring’s seasonal produce and some great recipes to go along with it: https://www.foodandwine.com/articles/spring-produce

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We hope these ideas bring a fun, device-free Spring to you and your loved ones. Continue to follow our Life On. Cell Off™ blog posts – where we are always coming up with fun, device-free family activities. Follow & Share Lo.Co @LifeOnCellOff - #GoLoCo #HowIGoLoCo #HowWeGoLoCo #GoLocoWithUs #LifeOnCellOff

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