Lo.Co Starter Set

Lo.Co Starter Set


Receive in Time for Holiday Gatherings!

Kickoff with a Lo.Co Starter Set! We hope this helps you concentrate on the movement and Take a little time to go Lo.Co™. This set is wonderful for field trips, long road trips/flights, classrooms, workshops, events/parties, holiday gatherings, meetings and quiet days at home.

Lo.Co Starter Set contains:

• Lo.Co Device Bag (to store devices, 80 GSM premium non-woven polypropylene containing 20% post-industrial recycled content);

• Lo.Co Starter Card Pack (English Version, 54 conversation starter cards and kindness activities);

• Lo.Co Sticker;

• and Lo.Co Magnet.

• All printed in the USA

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"Lived the Lo.Co motto this past weekend and made the difference between just a vacation weekend and a FAMILY vacation weekend. We loved the Lo.Co cards!"

~ Donny Jones, August 2018


“These cards were a game changer! My nieces loved them. We did cards every night at dinner - our conversations with my sister, brother in law and 2 nieces were 2-2.5 hours every night. How can I ever thank you enough? The conversations we had were profound. My nieces will be forever changed. So will their parents. The most compelling card - Where will you be in 4 years? That got everyone thinking and we discussed that for the rest of the trip.”

~ Janet McNaughton, founder of Win With Washington, July 2018