How To Go Lo.Co While Getting Back To School

We know life can get a little stressful once August rolls around and school starts back up again. Between after-school activities, homework and a million other things our kids do each day, it is important to still find some small windows of time, to communicate and engage with our friends and family. 

That’s why we want to share some #LoCo activities that you can do during the week, to take a little time to go Lo.Co™ – screen free! 

Family Dinner: Getting everyone to sit around the dinner table is nearly impossible once school is back – we get that. That’s why we suggest setting a specific day of the week, a day that works around everyone’s busy schedules, that you call “family dinner” night. By all means, do this more than once a week if you can, but that way, everyone is clear on the day they are expected to sit-down together as a family and enjoy dinner at home. Encourage screens to be put away during family dinner, that way dinner can be spent the #LoCo way. 

Plant Something: Spend some time planting a garden or flowers. Don’t have access to make an actual Garden? Plenty of veggies, such as lettuce and radishes, can grow just fine in pots. Or let your kids pick-out some beautiful flowers for you guys to plant together. You definitely can’t use your phone or a remote, while your hands are covered in soil! A garden and flowers also take a lot if maintenance – this daily activity can teach your kids independence, responsibly and even encourage them to eat more vegetables. So go ahead and get your hands dirty with your kids and mark your small patch of earth.  

Visit Your Local Library or Bookstore: In this digital age, we are reading actual books less and less. Sitting down somewhere cozy and reading a great book, can be one of the best ways to escape from the real-world. These days, it is hard to let your mind wander in a good book, when kids can’t go more than a few minutes without checking their phones or wanting to watch something on TV. That’s why it is worth teaching the importance of our free public libraries or maybe just the small corner bookstore, to keep books and reading alive. To remind us how to sit for more than ten minutes, without checking in on social media or missed calls, and really get lost in a good read. If we instill this early on, it can go such a long way.

These are some of our favorite #LoCo activities, but there is an endless amount of fun things you can come up with, completely screen free. Keep-up with our #LoCo blog to learn more fun activities we enjoy doing throughout the year. Let’s start this new school year with more life and less screens – Life On! 

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