Take a little Time to Doodle


Does this sound familiar? “I’m bored.” I told my kids I never find myself bored. If I have the time, I will think about what to create for the next day. It is fun to create something every day. It could be cooking, gardening, song writing, dancing, decorating and even doodling.

So, now you ask, “Doodling?” “I really can’t draw.” We can all draw much better than we think we can! Many people say they can’t draw. It's not because they aren’t creative, it's because they don’t know where to start.*

Doodling is very therapeutic. Neuroscientists and other researchers say doodling can help people focus, ease impatience, vent emotions and even generate bursts of insight or new ideas.** It could also help relax your hand and spirit. It gives you a chance to take a break from devices. Although, if needed you could use a device to create doodles. These days, you could create right on a digital doodle pad or touch screen pad with a stylus. 

There are studies proving that doodling helps students understand courses. It helps bring thoughts together like a learning tool. By jotting down quick notes along with illustrations, makes it easier to recall notes.*** A visual. We are visual creatures by nature.

Another thing, it has become popular for chefs/cooks to create illustrated recipes. My favorite example of creative doodles with recipes could be found at: https://www.theydrawandcook.com

Doodles also give an emotional connection. It is more personal when someone has the opportunity to doodle their feelings. When was the last time you received a handmade card? Whenever you receive one, you know that the handmade card took time which makes it more personal and memorable.

I remember as a young child beginning a sketch by finding something I could doodle really well. Then creating that particular image over and over because it was comfortable to sketch. It was the sun over the ocean with the sun reflection on the ripples of the ocean. I was able to doodle it well because it was a sketch someone taught me. I also would keep practicing the comic strip Ziggy which I believe may still be in production as of 2018. There are now a variety of videos and tutorials to use as doodle guidelines.

I recently asked some friends to participate (adults and children) in a doodle exercise. Thank you guys!! Since we are in the beginning of spring and spring break, I thought it would be fun for them to create a doodle revolving around adventures.

Here are the simple steps I gave each participant and I was delighted to see what they created.

Simple Doodling Steps:

• Start with a white piece of paper

• Use any art medium (color pencils, markers, etc)

• Could be very colorful or just monochrome (one color)

• Just doodle a very simple scene of your favorite adventure

• It could be yoga, riding bikes, swimming, lacrosse, kayaking, nature, vacation, family time, etc.

• Please include the title of the project as part of the doodle

• Title of art project - "GO FOR AN ADVENTURE"

• You could include "Lo.Co" in the doodle too - hidden within the doodle

• This exercise/project is to relax your mind and is meant to be quick and fun!


How about trying to create a doodle journal or diary on your next vacation. It could be old, new and future memories. This is a side note but I just learned a fun and philanthropic way to spend your next vacation. Plan volunteering during vacations. There are organizations that travel to other parts of the world and room/meals are supplied. Such as, the United Way (https://www.unitedway.org) and All Hands and Hearts (https://www.hands.org/volunteer-with-all-hands-volunteers/). Imagine the adventure that would be!

Another fun project is creating Ink Monsters (https://www.skillshare.com/tutorials/5-Steps-to-Creating-an-Ink-Blot-Monster/68). The results are an organic flow of ink by blowing the ink with a straw or compressed air canister. Then creating a unique monster from that shape. You’ll be amazed at the different monsters you can create and a fun scenery in the background.

Remember to take a little time to doodle. Just start with simple doodles and expand from there. It does the mind, body and soul good! #TakealittleTimetoGoLoCo #TakealittleTimetoDoodle #DoodlingwithLoCo



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