A Lo.Co Kid's Perspective Series - Two Languages


Estoy agradecido por saber dos idiomas diferentes. I'm grateful to know two different languages. I have been in a dual language program since preschool and I am currently in the sixth grade. Spanish came easy to me. Spanish does have a lot of little details that helps with focusing. The tiny details can make a big difference such as accent marks, gender in nouns, etc.

I think it is great for people to learn two or more languages. Learning multiple languages has a lot of benefits. For example, it opens up more job opportunities. I have already helped strangers out in the public. I translated for people where English is their secondary language and Spanish is their first. I helped them order at restaurants and helped them make appointments at a local physical therapy office. My mom usually offers up my help but afterwards I am really happy to contribute to help others.

It is also great to know other languages when you travel to other countries. It could help with your traveling experience. Even if you know just a little bit of the native language to get by. I have heard that in other countries, it is very common to know two or more languages. My grandfather grew up where he learned more than four languages to use in his daily life.

One of my favorite things about Spanish is having conversations with my friends in my Spanish classes. We have had years of chatting together and it has become second nature. It is a good idea to keep practicing your other languages as much as possible with those around you. Or, call up friends and family to practice.

Do you know more than one language? Do you wish you learned other languages? It is never too late to learn. I also heard learning multiple languages helps keep your mind young. Another awesome benefit! #ALoCoKidsPerspective

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