Galentine’s Day Ideas


Worry about spending Valentine’s day alone? Think Valentine’s Day is just for couples? Well, think again! It’s simply a day meant to show the most important people in your life how much you love them, and who better to spend it with than some of your closest girlfriends? Take a little time from your week and celebrate your GALentines! Whether it’s just a small group of your gal pals or all of the women in your family, getting together should be fun and completely stress-free! Be sure to #GoLoCo by putting those cell phones away and try out some of our fun Galentine’s day ideas to re-connect with the amazing ladies in your life! 

1.  Host a Brunch: We don’t really need an excuse to gather friends around and indulge in our favorite brunch foods, but it’s always nice to have one! We love the idea of preparing one main dish ahead of time, like this go-to breakfast casserole and asking the girls to bring side dishes to share, potluck style. This adds variety, without the stress and expense of putting everything together yourself. For a festive beverage, a themed mimosa bar is an easy way to please all guests. Simply put a few champagne bottles on ice and serve a variety of juices for mixers. Don’t forget the pink!

2.  Chocolate & Wine Night: Some may argue that chocolate is a girl’s best friend, but there’s no doubt that there are days when only wine can do the trick. Why not pair the two for a delicious night in with your girl gang. You can use this guide to learn what flavors pair best, or simply indulge as you please! Some combinations may pair better together than others, but there is no real way to go wrong here! You can even take it up a notch and make your own variety of truffles. See a few of our favorite recipes here: Chocolate Truffle Recipes. Not that into wine? Just swap it out for a festive beverage to be enjoyed with fancy glassware!

3.  Chick-Flick-A-Thon: Get out your fluffiest pillows, coziest blankets, and comfiest pajamas for this one! Whether you randomly pick movie titles out of a hat, or all agree upon a few RomCom classics, you can’t go wrong with hosting a movie-thon with your closest friends. No movie night is complete without popcorn and snacks – the possibilities are endless.

4.  Valentine’s Cards: You’re never too old for arts & crafts, so gather around a table and get creative! We suggest stocking-up on different Valentine’s Day themed textured paper, glitter, markers, stickers, pom-poms and anything else that catches your eye. There are no rules here, so just think of a few people who mean the most to you and get crackin’. Make cards for each other, significant others, family members, kids and anyone else who deserves a little reminder that you love them!

5.  Spa Day: Skincare is in, and with good reason! It’s relaxing, rewarding, and can even be fun. You can stock-up on a variety of cheap face masks and spend the night looking ridiculous alongside your favorite friends. Sheet masks not only work, but you are guaranteed to get in a few laughs. Clay masks are a bit more of a commitment, but are definitely effective. And these natural home-made masks are worth the extra effort for a ladies night in (bonus: you can eat some of them too!) Once you are masked, be sure to cut some cucumbers to place over your eyes for the full experience.

We know these ideas can be enjoyed any time of the year, but Valentine’s Day gives us an excuse to gather all of the gals together to share the meaning of love. Share with us some of the fun ways you are celebrating, by using the hashtag #GoLoCoforValentinesDay