A Lo.Co Kid's Perspective Series - The Quiet Mall


On a normal cold Saturday afternoon, I, a 12-year-old went with my family to a local mall. We were just going to pick-up something and get some hot chocolate. I witnessed almost everyone was on their phone more than usual. I was wondering why everyone was on their phone. But, then I saw some people with battery packs and then I knew exactly what they were doing. You guessed it! They were playing Pokémon™ Go.

It was crazy!! Some people had more than one phone. I saw a few people with three phones...what?! Also, a lot of people looked like they were there with family and friends but they weren't talking to one another.

It is funny (or not so funny) to see everyone grouped together with their heads down in their devices. No talking, no interaction. Just quiet like life is at a standstill.

What is the purpose of inviting family and friends if you are just going to pay attention to your devices? I understand that people really like Pokémon™ Go but you could only play for a few minutes at a time.

Something that they could have done Pokémon related is play the Pokémon card game. I often play with my older brother and that is something we both like to do together.

What activity do you like to do with your siblings on Saturdays? #ALoCoKidsPerspective

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