At Home Date Night


Everyone can agree that date nights are something to look forward to, but we also know they aren’t always possible; unexpected weather can ruin plans, babysitters cancel, and life makes us too exhausted to even think of actually getting dressed up and going out. Whatever the case, some of the best memories can be made in the comfort of your own home. Next time you want to spend some quality time with your significant other, but can’t (or don’t want to) make it out the front door, just stay in! We’ve compiled a list of some Lo.Co date-night activities that are affordable, fun, and pajama-friendly!

Karaoke Night: No karaoke machine? No problem!  You can find your favorite songs with lyrics on YouTube, and sing along to your hearts content! Tequila shots optional!

Fondue Party: The only thing better than dipping fruit into melted chocolate is dipping bread into melted cheese, so why not do both! This a fun and easy way to switch up the dinner routine!

Camp-Out: Build a fort in your living room, use only candles and flashlights, and enjoy the great indoors! Pro tip: Make hot chocolate and s’mores moments to enjoy while telling scary stories!

Slumber Party: Bust out your coziest blankets, comforters and pillows and get settled in for a living room slumber party! Think back to when you were a kid and come prepared with the comfiest pajamas, lots of snacks and candy, and your favorite movies. Whoever falls asleep first is in charge of breakfast the next morning!

Wine Tasting: Put together a simple charcuterie board, combining your favorite meats, cheeses, and garnishes, and pour a few different wines to compare. Bonus: Create a romantic playlist to set the mood and plan out your dream vacation together!

Don’t want to do any planning? You’re in luck. Date Box is a subscription service that ships date night ideas directly to your door. All you have to do is open the package and enjoy your night in!

Whatever you decide on, the important thing is spending meaningful time and making memories with your loved one! What are some fun at-home date night ideas you’ve enjoyed? #LoCoDateNights