Cooking with Lo.Co


It’s no secret here that we all love taking a little time to go Lo.Co. Of course, family vacations and outings are always a great way to reconnect, but also not always possible. What about those daily moments; those moments that when added together, make a huge impact in your personal life and the lives of those closest to you.

One of our favorite daily moments revolves around...FOOD. What other daily moment affords you the chance to take advantage up to THREE or more times, every single day? Needless to say, getting into the kitchen as a family not only can be functional, but can also be a great way to reconnect and go Lo.Co.   

While washing, chopping and prepping ingredients, you are focused on the task at-hand and that can lead to many teachable moments and discussions between you and your kids. Influencing healthy eating habits and the benefits of patience, all while passing down family traditions or stories, can even help to teach kids how to follow step-by-step instructions. Can you think of a better way to teach kids to follow instructions - it has a built-in reward for following each step correctly – win, win!

In this segment of our Lo.Co Blog, we will highlight all types of recipes where you can get your children involved and participating in the kitchen. Did you ever think you could say both of those things in once sentence?

Well let’s get cooking…Lo.Co style.