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How much time did you engage with someone today?

Be Present. Get back to basics. Life On.


Our movement is simply to encourage you and others to go Lo.Co (Life On. Cell Off™) for a short while each day, hopefully to make your life and the lives of those around you more meaningful through conversation and acts of kindness.  


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Make healthy lifestyle choices by taking short breaks from devices

Start conversations by using our Lo.Co Starter Set


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These little cards had my 8 year old fully engaged.

“Tonight we went LoCo. These little cards had my 8 year old fully engaged. Her response to this question? ‘My soul! I could revisit memories of Grandpa Fred, be calm always and streeeettttccch the calmness over my entire body.’ So powerful for this girl with anxiety! Thank you Life On. Cell Off for a moment I won’t ever forget. #jointhemovement #engagemoreandtextless #connectiontolovedones not devices!”

~ Stacy G. Bick, February 2019


These cards were a game changer!

“These cards were a game changer! My nieces loved them. We did cards every night at dinner - our conversations with my sister, brother in law and 2 nieces were 2-2.5 hours every night. How can I ever thank you enough? The conversations we had were profound. My nieces will be forever changed. So will their parents. The most compelling card - Where will you be in 4 years? That got everyone thinking and we discussed that for the rest of the trip.”

~ Janet McNaughton, founder of Win With Washington