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Facebook is an excellent channel to talk about Life On. Cell Off’s™ movement and products. We love hearing your ideas and feedback on what you love about Lo.Co and how we can improve. Nevertheless, comments on the Lo.Co Fan Page need to comply with the following rules:

Please note: Facebook also has community guidelines that must be followed. Posts in violation of these guidelines will be removed without notice.

  • We reserve the right to remove any post we deem inappropriate and ban any user who misuses our page.  

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  • Keep all comments courteous and friendly

Submission for posting

We love hearing from you! We appreciate receiving your submission of ideas or photos of personal experiences of going Lo.Co for us to post on our official social media sites. You may do so by emailing your submission to We will review all submissions and post those that will be of general interest.

  • By submitting photos, video and comments, you are granting Life On. Cell Off™ permission to use, publish, edit, translate and reformat them in any manner Lo.Co considers appropriate.

  • By providing your submission, you are warranting that you have the right to post and use such submission.

  • No compensation will be paid with respect to the use of your submissions. Lo.Co is under no obligation to use any submission you may provide.

Thank you for your interest and commitment to our movement. We hope you Take a little time to go Lo.Co™.  

Thank you for being a part of the Lo.Co Community!