How to Know When to Go Lo.Co

How often do you notice yourself on your phone? Would you answer honestly, even if you were embarrassed about the amount of time you spend on such a small device? I think we can all agree that yes, we spend too much time on our phones – but when does it start to really take a toll on our lives and those around us?

Growing up in a technology-fierce generation, it can become second nature to constantly look down at our phones rather than interact with those around us. Whether its during your daily commute, waiting to see the doctor or at your kids’ soccer practice – our cell phones can be a comfortable distraction and easy access to endless information, helping to pass the time. But what if at that soccer practice, your child looks up and notices you’re not paying attention – or at that red light, you miss the tail-end of a story about what happened on the playground that day. Younger kids are extremely influenced by their role-models actions and it is our responsibility as parents to be present and know when to GO LO.CO by taking a short break from our devices each day.

This second grade students’ homework assignment went viral last week, proving just how much our kids do in fact notice the amount of time we spend on our cell phones. The teacher assigned each student to “Write About an Invention That You Wish Had Never Been Created”. Out of the 21 students in her class, 4 of them wrote on this exact same topic:

According to a recent study carried out in the US, including more than 300 parents who reported on their cell phone use, half of the parents claimed their use of technology affected interactions with their children and actual child behaviors. Children feel the same annoyance we do when an interaction is disrupted by a cell phone, but this can have larger effects on small developing children. 

So what can be done to help break these modern habits? We can Go Lo.Co for a short while each day, to hopefully make your life and the lives of those around you more meaningful through simple conversation. It’s about being more aware – aware of the times you may be missing out on the smallest things around you, by being glued to a screen. Let’s take a break from these screens and see our children’s lives through their eyes again. Our future generation depends on it.

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Information for the referenced study: The study was published in the peer-reviewed journal Child Development on an open-access basis, meaning it is freely available to read online.

Actual link to original article feature on MailOnline:

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The movement is spreading! Maybe try one Sunday device-free (except for emergencies) and see how it goes. It may become a new goal each week, a routine. Take a little time to go Lo.Co™ - #getoffyourphones #listentoyourkids #putthephonedown #phonefreesundays #nophonesundays #devicefreeawareness #GoLoCoSundays #GoLoCo #GoLoCowithUs #LifeOnCellOff

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