Life On. Caring On

Life On. Caring On is a division of Life On. Cell Off™. Connecting with our Lo.Co community is the backbone to our organization. That connection has helped us strive to expand our involvement by spreading the word regarding world current events (good and bad). These events include awareness, celebrations, fundraisers, natural disasters and much more. Get involved and join in helping spread the word! Follow us on social media to see the current events we support @LifeOnCellOff.

Shop with a purpose! A percentage of all proceeds from our Featured Lo.Co Tee will go towards educating individuals at the Hope for the Day proactive prevention workshops, who strive to reduce suicide rates through education, outreach and action. Our donations can help educate 1, 5 or more people on the reality of suicides that take place each day, to help reduce that rate. “It only takes one person to educate themselves and raise their voice to impact thousands”. Spread the word! To learn more about Hope for the Day, please visit and social media @HopeForTheDay. #ItOnlyTakesOne