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Fun Holiday Traditions - Cookie Exchange Recipes

Tuesday, Dec 4th was #NationalCookieDay. Did you make and/or eat any cookies?! Here are a few of our family favorite Cookie Exchange Recipes. Try out the recipes for yourself! They are yummy! Read “Sharing Our Family’s Fun Holiday Traditions” blog post to learn more about our cookie exchange.

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Sharing Our Family's Fun Holiday Traditions

Coming from a big family, we truly go Lo.Co for the holidays because we get to spend so much quality time together. Between the food served for Noche Buena on Christmas Eve, opening presents on Christmas Day and everything sprinkled in between, we know that the holidays can be a hectic time. But instead of just sitting around the couch, staring at your phone screens as a family, we want to share some of our favorite holiday traditions for you to try out this season.

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